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Shane Vanderleelie

Shane’s years working in the real estate industry provided him with insight into the daily activities of sale associates face every day; with this insight and industry knowledge, his fellow sales associates can feel confident that he has their best interest at hand.

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Why Shane

In 1998, Shane Vanderleelie embarked on his journey in the real estate industry as a sales associate, adept at connecting buyers and sellers. Over time, he expanded his expertise, becoming licensed in Mortgage and Appraisal, with a relentless drive to offer exceptional service.

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Matterport 3D

We bring to life totally real visual experiences to help sell or rent a property, conceptualize a location, up-sell a hotel room and more. A 3D Interactive Tour is a totally immersive experience allowing you to spend as long as you like exploring.

3D Interactive Tour

Virtual Tour – School

Showcase your school and campus for prospective students and families. Show alumni and donors what their generosity makes possible. Attract the finest new-hires by sharing your community.

3D Matterport
3D Matterport

Virtual Tour – Community

Promote your town or village for tourism as well as local business engagement. Help visitors, companies and new residents discover stores, parks and schools. Let the world know what you love about where you live.

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